Warbird Meeting & BBQ

You are invited …

The Stockton Field Aviation Museum is proud to host the annual BBQ Dinner & Monthly Warbird Group meeting on Wednesday, September 21st, 2016 at the 7430 C.E. Dixon St. at the Stockton Metro Airport. This get-together is open to the public.

Our guest speaker will be Korey Wells, Hawker Sea Fury Air Racer and one of a very few people in the world that is type rated in the Messerschmitt ME-262!

Mr. Wells has been flying since he was 10 years old, a total of 44 years! He owned and operated a charter business in Nevada where he did desert bush flying. Using Cessna 310s and 400 series twins to fly in and out of short dirt strips and dirt roads. He competed in the International Aerobatic club, flying a Pitts Special. Mr. Wells is an Unlimited Division pilot flying Hawker Sea Furys in the Reno National Championship Air Races. He is also one of a handful of individuals type rated and can fly the ME262! When it comes to vintage iron he really knows his stuff! Come on out armed with all those questions, he’d love to answer ‘em for you!


The BBQ dinner starts at 6PM and our Speaker starts at 7PM!

There is a $5 donation for the BBQ dinner to help cover our costs.

See you there!